And so it begins...

When I first suggested declaring a household environmental emergency a couple of months ago, I was met with open mouths. Since then, the sense of the idea has cemented and we are already questioning purchases and actions.

I'll explain the reasons behind the declaration. I have been participating in Plastic Free July for a couple of years. It has really made us think about how reliant we are on plastics. And it hasn't stopped there. Does how we live impact the environment? How much can individuals really do anyway?

A quick search on the internet shows that nationals, councils and businesses are declaring climate emergencies. Great - but the issue isn't just the climate. And can only big organisations do anything or can individuals too?

Our household's environmental emergency declaration will push us to question how we live and examine aspects of our lifestyle, check for sustainability and look for alternatives if required. We will:

  • Admit that climate change and damage to the environment is accelerated by human activity;

  • Reduce wastage created in the manufacture and usage of items we purchase;

  • Identify habits and activities that are not sustainable and look for alternatives;

  • Reduce our carbon footprint to zero;

  • Expect visitors to our household to respect the environmental emergency declaration;

  • Spread the message but understand that everyone's acceptance is on their terms.

Some of the questions we will ask include:

  1. Do we really need this purchase/activity?

  2. Is there an alternative?

  3. What waste is generated?

  4. How does this purchase/activity benefit us?

  5. Is its life cycle sustainable?

This blog will document our lifestyle examination and detail the alternatives we try, and their successes or not! Follow our progress, by subscribing (free!) on the Contact page. If you have friends who'd be interested too, I'd be grateful if you'd help the blog spread by emailing it or sharing it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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