February's Rubbish Experiment Results

Each day from the start of last Saturday to the end of Friday just gone, we collected all the rubbish before it left the house. Sorted it. Weighed it. Photographed it.

And here are the results.


  • Food Waste - Bread (stale) - cotton string - cucumber ends - egg shells - fruit cores - lettuce stumps - teabags - veg peelings - wooden lolly stick - and biodegradable food waste bin liners

  • Recycling - Bread bag (paper) - cardboard - cardboard boxes - car park ticket - egg box - envelopes - foil dish - foil (margarine tub) - glass bottles - juice bottle (plastic) - junk leaflets - kitchen roll inner - milk bottle (plastic) - notepad sheets - paper (misc) - paper voucher (out of date) - tin cans and lids - toilet roll inner - tomato puree tube (metal)

  • General Waste - Baklava plastic inner - beer bottle caps - biscuit wrappers - blister packs - bread bag (plastic) - broken plastic peg - butter wrapper - buttons - cellophane - charity bag wrapper - cheese pack and wrapper - chocolate wrapper - clingfilm - clothing label cord - cooking oil - crisp packets - dessert/yogurt tubs - dishwasher tablet wrappers - fluff from tumble dryer - freezer bag wrapper - ham wrap - ice cream bar wrap - jar lid - kitchen roll paper - magazine (glossy) - moisturiser tube - Mr Freeze wrappers - muesli bar wrap - napkin (cafe) - nuts from costa (packaging) - pasta packaging - plastic tubs - plastic wrapper - receipts - ribbon - rubbish bin liner - salad bag - tinned sardine oil - veg plastic bag - window wipe (chamois/sponge) - wrapping paper


After sorting I weighed the waste - except the glass jars and bottles, I just counted these.

I'm pleased to see that the weight of Food Waste is the biggest and general waste the smallest.


A load of rubbish photos! Everything we've thrown out this week.

What next for our rubbish?

  • 813g of general waste has gone to the incinerator

  • 7 glass jars and bottles are being made into new jars and bottle

  • 983g of food waste is composting to create soil conditioner

  • 867g of recyclable materials:

- the paper and cardboard is being broken down to make new paper and cardboard

- the metal (steel and aluminium) cans and foil are being made into new cans

- plastic bottles are being made into pellets for onward use

What next for us?

And that is the challenge - how much of our general waste can we reduce?

Although 33% of our waste (+ the glass) is being recycled, there is a lot of energy and pollution in the process (transportation - processing - etc).

How much of our recycling can we reduce?

Every 2 months I will repeat this exercise. Let's see how much we reduce our waste. Roll on last week in April!

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