How heavy is my footprint?

To start our adventure into sustainability, on 7 January 2020 I completed the free questionnaire on and got the results below. There are a lot of generalisations in the questionnaire but as a mechanism for creating a comparison I think it is useful.

The questionnaire is for one person, so for our household (3 people) our household's carbon footprint is likely to be 3 times higher than my results. My results are for the year 2019 and I was as honest as possible but some estimation was required (eg how many miles I have travelled by bus).

Your Carbon Footprint:

House - 0.89 tonnes of CO2e

Flights - 0.51 tonnes of CO2e

Car - 1.98 tonnes of CO2e

Motorbike - 0.00 tonnes of CO2e

Bus & Rail - 0.02 tonnes of CO2e

Secondary - 2.67 tonnes of CO2e

Total = 6.07 tonnes of CO2e

Your footprint is 6.07 tonnes per year

The average footprint for people in United Kingdom is 6.50 tonnes

The average for the European Union is about 6.4 tonnes

The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 5 tonnes

The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 tonnes

I wonder how it will change by the end of this year?! is based in Basingstoke which was a surprise to me. So close! I tend to think such companies are somewhere else - out there (wherever that is). They offer carbon offsetting to businesses and individuals. I shan't offset the carbon just yet. I think that will be a whole investigation of its own.

I played about with the calculator and found out that the average footprint for people in:

- Australia is 15.37 tonnes

- United Arab Emirates is 23.30 tonnes

- United States is 16.49 tonnes

- Russian Federation is 11.86 tonnes

- Philippines is 1.06 tonnes

And I think I've got a way to go!

Anyway, have a go yourself at finding out your carbon footprint. And don't forget, if you know of someone who'd be interested in this blog, please forward or share on social media.

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